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Scholarship Application Form 

Nathan Hall 422 Memorial Foundation                   

Nathan Hall 422 Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing safety
training and riding opportunity to young motocross enthusiasts. The following is the application
form for a scholarship for those young people.


All resumes must have a short essay attached of “Why I Should Ride in Nathan’s Honor”


Description of the scholarship


Any individual receiving a ticket to the youth classes at Loretta Lynn National's each year is eligible to
apply for this scholarship.


The scholarship may include any or all the following: 3 uniforms with
a complete set of gear, set of boots, helmet, attendance at a training camp, and a decal kit for a
bike or bikes (#45). The winner(s) of the scholarship will be selected by a committee of the
organization and awarded any or all the above enumerated items.


Please include the following information on resumes:


Current Mailing Address              



Classes you will be riding

Bike: make and model


Hobbies and other Interest/passions

Sponsors (are sponsors exclusive)

Essay  of "Why I should ride in Nathan's Honor"

This is not suppose to be a stressing point.

Explain why motocross has influence your life.  Parents are encouraged to assist with younger children.

You can go to youtube to see events that influenced Nathan Career. Search with Nathan by name and number or there are many videos up on Real Deal Training Facility while riding in South Carolina

Example only:

Complete a resume’ following the form of the attached resume’ of Nathan Hall. this is an example of Nathan's resume he wrote

My name is Nathan Hall. I am from Lebanon Junction, Kentucky. My dad bought me my first bike when I was four. I started racing at five and have been racing competitively ever since. I held Secretary of State Nationally for Beta in Middle School. I started cheering in Middle School and continued in High School and won State Championships my Freshman and Senior years. I graduated in 2014. Today, I am currently training at Real Deal MX in Allendale, South Carolina to achieve my goals of racing professional motocross. I have been seriously training, and dedicating my life to racing the past 4 years. I have also trained with many of the top pros in sport. Although

my career has been filled with injuries, I have always been able to come back even stronger. I feel this reflects who I am. When not on the track my other passions in life are: horseback riding, fishing and hunting.


Goals for 2017:

  •  At spring national’s hole shot as many

moto’s as possible and get top 10

  • Represent my sponsors in the most

professional manner as possible.

  • Top 10 at Loretta’s in a class.

  • Stay healthy all year.


Career Results:



  •  1st Open A Spring Classic (National)

  •  1st Open Pro/Sport Spring Classic (National)

  •  3rd 450A GNC 40th Annual GNC

  •  1st 250 A/Pro am Lazy River MX

  •  2nd 450A Lincoln Trail Motorsports



  •  7th 250A 40th Annual GNC, Alvords TX

  •  2nd Open A Spring Shootout Casey, IL

  •  2nd 250A Spring Shootout Casey, IL

  •  6th 250A Thor Winter Olympics-Mini O’s 

  •  7th 450 Pro Sport Thor Winter Olympics



  •  12th 450b limited Loretta

  •  16th 250b limited Loretta Lynn’s

  •   4th 450b Mini O’s winter Olympics



  •  14th 450b limited Loretta Lynn’s

  •    5th 450b limited Mini O’s Winter Olympics



  •    8th schoolboy 1 limited Mini O’s Winter Olympics



  •  14th Supermini 2 – Loretta Lynn’s

  •  Mid-east Regional champion 250C                                                                                                                                                           

Sponsors include:

 Rock River Cycle Trader, Parts Unlimited, TCD Suspension, Shorty Inc.,139

Design, Real Deal Training Facility, SO Contracting, Thor, Bell Helmets, Scott Goggles, Mobius
Knee Braces, Gaerne Boots, Dunlop Tires, Bill’s pipes, TLR Performance, Protaper, Tamer,
Braap Supply, RC1 Racing, Mom and Dad.


By submitting an resume and essay

I certify that the information on this application is correct


Please return this completed application to:


Nathan Hall 422 Memorial Foundation
P.O. Box 91214
Louisville, KY 40291


Or Email: 

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